The future of legal service is digital.

Cloud based legal services for the gig economy.


Belmont Knight where tech meets legal

In an industry that has been slow to adopt innovation, we maximize efficiencies through the digitalization and automation.

 Belmont Knight provides cutting edge technologies in the legal industry. 


Clients can utilize our expansive network with thousands service providers at the click of a button. Stay update with with the latest industry news and opinions. 


Our cloud based suite of products covers all of your legal needs with the same services as a large firm, but lets you scale nimbly and efficiently. Place one case or build a team. 


Build a legal team instantly for specific projects without the dedicated overhead or excess cost. Reduce your upscaling time by cloud basing your legal department.

Data Driven

Cut wasted, time and money using our powerful interactive dashboards to maximize each dollar of your legal budget.


No more checking constantly for correspondence. Our all in one platform streamlines communication, documentation, payments and project management.

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1 %
Conversion Rate
1 %
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Bidding Platform

Post a Project

Have a case or legal need? post a project and have our providers review it?

Providers Bid

Providers bid in reserve auction style for your business. Give you competitive bids to chose from. 

Accept and Work

Chose the bid that from multiple competitive bids and use our system from placement to end of engagement. 



Fill out an application so we know your needs. 


We qualify your application, and match you with a provider in the network of hundreds of legal financing companies we partner with to fund.


We directly fund your provider and or project and you make payments through our system. 


Plan Options

Meet with one of our legal liability experts to determine the right plan of coverage for you and your business. 


Know that once your plan has been active you can rest assured that your legal liabilities are covered and your business is secure. 


If you have to make a claim place it through our platform with access to the same legal management system.

Cloud source your legal department today.


We built our platform with scalability in mind. Need a legal team today but not tomorrow? Have an entire legal department at will, without the continuous overhead, liability and time expenditures. We make legal services adaptable to be more like business. Check out our services page or give us a call for more info. 


A platform that provides attorney's, paralegals and other legal professionals with a single marketplace and suite of products to create a competitive advantage for streamlined and efficient legal services.


Whether you’re curious about features, a free trial or want to partner we’re here to answer any questions.